Dreams about Driving (And other Vehicular Adventures)

Recently my counselor encouraged me to dream. I’m not entirely sure I even know the parameters for dreaming is…I know that sounds silly but that’s the season I’m coming out of. So after praying/thinking about it this is the first thing that came to mind:

  One of my first thoughts was of getting to do a blog that lets me write about cars that I have driven or have always wanted to drive. There are dozens of large magazine companies that review with the same technical bore (stuff I actually tend to like) all the cars that are sexy and exciting. Cars that most families and single people alike will never experience, either because they have no interest in them or because the cost just puts it too far out of their (our) reach. So for now I’m not going to limit it to any type of car. I would like to even include the ones that most magazines could care less about i.e.. Vans, station wagons, family sedans, compact cars, and dare I say…hybrids and electrics (not really excited about driving any of those). Some of my first questions: I am nobody in the car world, I’m not a retired race car driver, I don’t have a long history in writing about cars that make 12y/o boys want to mow every lawn in their town so that they could have enough money to afford that Lamborghini Countach…wait maybe that was just me. Anyway Jesus made it clear, that’s precisely why it would be fun for me to write it, I’m a boring, average, normal guy, who really likes cars and driving, and although the dream is still to race cars I might be able to actually talk about the practical things like, can vomit come out of the seats or will you need to burn the car to get rid of the smell, or when your child is screaming his/her head off can you effectively drive and reach back to insert the mute button…err…I mean pacifier back into his/her mouth or will it require an extensive yoga session that should leave you able to flex like a pretzel. Or when you are headed home from that long, difficult day at work, does the vehicle have the feeling of a nice warm cocoon of happiness or is it trying to return the kindness of regular oil changes with consistent punches to your kidneys and an assault on your neck that Liam Nesson in “Taken” would take notes on? Those are just some of my questions…


  So I’ve got to start somewhere and for now that is all the vehicles I have ever driven, which is actually a lot of autos. I’ve driven friends vehicles, dealers autos, family autos, rental autos…lots of cars/trucks/vans/station wagons/hatchbacks/yep even my sister’s Prius. The hope will be that I could approach a company like “Carmax” and get permission to test drive vans, cars, trucks, SUV’s, hybrids, electrics and the occasional sports car and then post a Normal person relevant review about it. Currently I’m trying to figure out some of the parameters that I would evaluate. There are the normal ones like power, cornering, safety, reliability, ownership cost, comfort, but I would really like to also add things like the vomit factor-will it clean effectively and easily. Entertainment factor-not just is the vehicle fun to drive but on a long trip can my family continue to love each other or will there be thoughts of murder along the road. Stress factor-when that kind person decides to park inches from you, can you actually get in the car, or for families can you place a car seat in and out without hanging the kid upside down. Practicality factor- with almost all of the parameters in mind does it make sense dollar wise or is Dad (sometimes Mom) hoping for that racing van that looks cool but cost $50k. Dream factor-is this that vehicle you might hope to own someday and for now you’re resigned to read about it on some dudes blog…you know, stuff that Joe and Jane actually care about. So feel free to speak up. What are the things that in your long or short life you’ve wished someone would have told you about in a car? Mom’s, when you are by yourself with your 3.5 kids and driving to and from practice/grocery/nails/gun range, what do you wish you could have in your car (outside of the scifi, like robots to get the work done for you)?

This is the start, a small risk into the world of vehicle info, and it turns out for many people a vehicle has become an integral part of our lives, and hey, I like to write about…life!


ps. I will continue “My Life as a Red Herring” this is just another venture/risk into writing