My Life as a Red Herring (Day 1) Intro to Red Herring’ness

 I have no idea what being a “writer” actually means. I can’t tell you a list of my top most amazing authors, although I can name a few, Dr Seuss, Stan Lee, William Shatner, just the pros. I do know that a few months ago I was praying for a hobby (well specifically I was asking Jesus for the money to do the hobby that I wanted to do…car racing) and He started to talk to me about writing. My first reply was “what the hell would I write about?” To which He replied, while I was standing in the shower, just write about your life experience. I’m hoping to do just that only I’m not sure how to make it honest while at the same time being interesting. To be honest my actual thought was “How the heck can I write about my life, it’s like one big Red Herring.” like one big fat “Non Sequitur”.

I read part of this guys blog one time about how people with ADHD think. A sort of “Idiots Guide to Understanding Your Seriously Distractible Friends”. He basically laid out that the main difference between “normal” people and “ADHD” people can be seen in about any situation. He basically cited a simple example would be to imagine we are in a conference room, a relatively normal conference room full of normal people…and me. Most of the normal people are as focused in as am I at first but then out of the blue I notice the lights in the room. Immediately I’m thrown into thoughts like “what causes that to work, is it gas, tungsten, LED. How much electricity does it use. I wonder what the color temperature is” all this while thinking I could swear I’m supposed to be paying attention to something. That’s my brain in a nutshell. Normal people have the ability to filter out 99.9% of the haze of distraction. If you have ADHD you don’t really have that filter in place so I’m in a constant state of yelling at the other things in my brain to shut up. So that’s what I’m writing about, my distractions, what’s currently taking up ram in my heart and brain. Nice car!

Here is the link to the blog that talked about ADD so cleverly:

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