My Life as a Red Herring (Day 10) “Gifts Pt. 2: My Favorite”

Hopefully you got a chance to read my last post…”Gifts Pt. 1″. If not you might want to do that first or you might spontaneously scream expletives out-loud (possible exaggeration).

I remember the day I saw her…she was standing in line with her mom and a friend of hers and I’m pretty sure I was drooling…over her. I wish I could say in that instant I “knew” I was going to marry that girl, but all I could think about was what was I going to say to her. WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY? So in a cafeteria full of empty seats and empty tables I found my way to her table, where she, her mom and her friend were sitting, and I asked if I could sit with them. You may think me bold or arrogant, (probably just arrogant yes) but again ALL I could think was, what could I say to her? We awkwardly sat for what felt to me like days and I ended up belching out some form of a question like: So where are you from? I don’t remember the rest of our interaction, just her face.

From time to time I would see her walking around campus or playing volleyball. I was lost. She was, and still is, the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. To give you context though I was quite a self-protected person. Unless I could feel like something was close to a sure thing I wasn’t going to pursue it. She was so far out of my league, what chance in a million was I going to have? So I watched from afar, and said “Hi” in passing.

Sometime during that Freshman year I saw her at a movie. I was with a bunch of my friends, she with hers. We all ended up talking after the movie and went around introducing ourselves to each-other. When it came to them introducing me to her I said “It’s ok, we already know each other”, at which point her face read a panicked “I have no idea who this is”. I was crushed and decided there was no longer even a chance in a billion, so, heartbroken, I dropped my crush.

Jesus had other plans.

Later that year I signed up for an experience at a resort called “His Life Summer Project”, and it turns out She was going to be at the same resort, in the same experience FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER! I took advantage of ever moment I had around her. I pursued with everything I had, while at the same time I was actually praying and asking that I pursue with His design and heart for Her. I fell in love.

Then came the day I asked her out. She said yes. What followed was years of dating, the first date being Wendy’s, a helicopter, and her running face first into a window.

4 years later she said “I do” on March 15th 2003.

I’m writing about this today for a couple reasons.

1. The woman I married AMAZES me! She is a gift beyond words. I do not complete her and she doesn’t complete me, HOWEVER she is a partner, lover, friend, co-parent like I never dreamed I could have. Jesus completes us so that we have a fighting chance at selflessly loving each other. I am so proud of my wife, who she is, who she is becoming. I look in awe as she is about to have our second child and I can’t believe Jesus saw fit to bring us together. I do not deserve her, but I get her and she me.

2. Today is a very hard and painful day. It’s in days like today that I have to remember the gifts He has given. The very top of the list is the day I asked Him into my heart, and right below it is the amazing woman I am married to.

There are a million other gifts I could list and over the next few blogs I may just do that, but for now…I’m listing her.

This is a thanks to My Favorite for loving me, for listening to Jesus and following hard after Him, for being a woman full of wisdom and grace. Thank you for loving our sons, for cleaning my clothes, for remembering with grace the million things I forget, for respecting and honoring me when I don’t deserve it in the least. Thank you for your giggles and toots, for your smile and your flawless eyes. Thank you. I can’t wait to see what Jesus holds for us next, and I am so honored to have a woman like you by my side as we walk out this adventure. You, me, and two amazing boys. (one of those boys we are going to meet very soon!)