My Life as a Red Herring (Day 12) “Rain”

It’s raining. It’s the dead of winter and it’s raining. It’s not supposed to be raining, it’s supposed to be snowing. Cold rain has a way of seeping into your bones almost instantly. You walk from the car to wherever it is you’re going and BAM you’re freezing. It takes your breath away and yet at the same time it’s washing away all the salt and grime that the past has given. It can expose the beauty of a naked tree and sometimes it can seem to saturate colors.

So much pain and loss in 2014 and yet so much beauty.

Here’s to beauty and redemption:

-My newest son Oliver was born a month ago today

-Jesus gave me freedom from addiction

-My oldest son Owen is growing and learning and I’m so proud of him

-My wife and I are closer than ever, and I am so in love

-I watch so many of my friends grabbing hold of hope and new life

-I’m watching the Church I am part of, through Jesus, redeem and reclaim that which was always meant to be theirs…Grace

-I’m crazy in awe at the amazing friends my wife and I have and the god-parents of our children, Chris and Dani

-I am amazed and so honored that I get to be part of a group of men who are intent on “Becoming Good Soil”: Todd, Jon, Michael, Jason, Russ, Jordan, Chris, and Lonnie…Thank you! You are an amazing band of brothers and I’m not sure how I could have done this last year without you.

-I love watching the team I lead at church grow, change, live and love in grace, and I even love watching the ones that have heard Jesus ask them to take the risky step and move off of my team on to the better thing Jesus has for them. So proud of them all. (Excited for what’s next T!)

-Growing closer to my Earthly father’s (step-dad and biological dad) this year has been awesome

-Watching a relationship being rebuilt between my mom and I

-someone I love greatly, answering phone calls and texts, when a year before they wouldn’t talk to me

-My heavenly Father’s faithful, consistent, awe-inspiring, undeserved: Love, hope, joy, strength in my weakness, promise that He is enough, so..many…promises.

-I’m so grateful for blogs like todaysletters, ransomed heart, and &Son’s Magazine for unintentionally encouraging me to write. Thank you!

Things often don’t turn out the way that you thought they might. I know that’s a bit cliché’ic, but I’ve found Jesus to do so much in our hearts in change. It’s like so much movement stirs up room for Him to swoop in and bring the rain. It might be cold at first, bitter and unwanted, and yet it can (if we want) wash away so much that was never meant to be, and prepare the ground for spring…new life.

Here’s to new life in 2015 in whatever way Jesus will bring it.