My Life as a Red Herring (Day 15) “Sun Rise, Sun Set”

I’m not really sure where to start. I haven’t written anything in a while because all I could think about was what I announced on social media yesterday. It was important to me that team members that I have done life with for a very long time knew first before I announced it publicly so I anxiously waited for the moment I could “let the cat out of the bag” as they say…or at least someone probably says…right?

I love Quest Community Church. I can barely put down in less than 10,000 words all the ways Jesus has used this particular section of the Bride of Christ to transform my family and I. I’ve watched family members and close friends give their lives to Christ. I watched my wife embrace a way of grace that was and is unbelievably beautiful. I have gained life-long friendships that would never have happened had I not been called to Quest for a season. I have learned how to become a leader and love people to the cross. I received sobriety from the Father through the Bride at Quest. I had an amazing community surrounding me as both of my sons came into the world. I have gained friends that have stood by me through no matter what, even my own sinning against them…I could go on forever. I am grateful, sooo grateful.

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I want to try to answer the main questions I continue to get, when people find out that I am stepping out of Quest.

1.) No there is no secret-behind closed doors-painful agenda, waiting to be released out in the open…all that has happened, and has been far more painful than I could ever have imagined, and yet now that it’s in the open, I believe the real healing is happening in so many people, and in the Bride. On the simplest of levels our Pastor, Justin McCarty, who I have the utmost respect for and over the years has become one of the best friends I’ve ever had, IS UNDER AUTHORITY!!! Holy cow is that important. He’s not perfect and doesn’t pretend to be, but he is humble. A humble man is worth following. Not only that, but he seeks counsel from other pastors who have far more experience than him. This only increases my respect for him. Along with all that, he teaches from scripture, what a novel idea?!! Stories are awesome but, in my opinion, they should only serve that which God gave to us first…anyway I don’t want to open up a can of opinions, I’m just crazy excited that we talk about the Bible all the time now.

2.) I have no idea where I am going. (job, place, etc) I do have an interview this weekend which I am excited for whatever Jesus wants to do in and through it, but at this point I have sent out a lot of resumes and I’m still ready for whatever Jesus wants me to do. And I’m spending a lot of time hoping. Please feel free to email me or comment with ideas, as long as you aren’t spamming your solution to my six figure needs through staying at home and trolling the internets. No offence if that’s your means of income…wait I’m lying when I say no offence because I think it’s a silly job honestly so offence intended…kind of…feel free to comment your rage, I will think about posting it…SOOO no idea where I am going, but before you chime in, I do know that Jesus has a plan, and I know I can ask my Dad for the moon so I’m asking for the moon. I’m risking my heart and asking big, knowing that no matter what He will provide is what He knows is best and right. I’m not worried, but I am nervous. I want control and I don’t have it (Seems the theme of my life…probably a good thing)

3.) I am not fully healed but I am loved. My counselor gave my wife the best analogy I’ve heard regarding how we feel: When the Israelites were led out of Egypt, God still had the task of getting Egypt out of them. There was so much emotional and spiritual abuse in mine and my wives lives through the old leadership that we are still finding out all the ways Jesus wants to “restore that which the locusts destroyed”. This is by no means saying that the current Quest is an Egypt it’s just not been doable for us to disassociate entirely. It’s also not to say that we are hung up on unforgiveness but as we learn…sin has consequences and pain and brokenness is one of those consequences, and the cross does have the ability to completely restore and redeem, it just may take some things more time than others.

4.) I do not understand God’s timing. I guess if I did say that I understood God’s timing you could probably put me in a padded room. Everything feels like it’s moving up and to the left. Faith and Trust are being restored in Quest and it’s now that He calls us out. I trust Him, but on the outside it’s kinda crazy…at the same time I’m really excited for whatever He has.

5.) This is one of the biggest questions I get…NO I am not becoming a super-hero. I do still possess super hearing and I have a history of being faster than a speeding worm but I…ah who am I kidding, my name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man on the earth. There…HAPPY?!!! YOU MADE ME DO IT!!!

6.) Yes I believe that out of the over billion stars in each galaxy in over a billion galaxies, surely God could have put intelligent life somewhere other than Earth…just sayin’.

7.) Still asking for that Subaru WRX Sti…anyone? anyone? Bueller? Did Jesus tell you to lease one for me?

8.) That’s about the extent of the questions I get…if there is more I will attempt to answer. Many of the questions are better addressed in person not because they are “too sensitive” but more often than not you might be wondering if you should do the same as I. I wouldn’t unless Jesus is specifically telling you to. Here’s the thing though…I’m learning that life is full of seasons. I’m not sure how common it is for us to spend our whole lives in one place…although not impossible. I use to think I was going to be at Quest for my entire life, and I felt like I was sinning if I even considered what another job might be like. That’s not to say I have a wanderlust necessarily, I just mean to say that so much of our lives is built around seasons…take for example…the seasons, Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter. Or that scripture basically says that we are only on this earth for a season. Seasons change and flow like our lives, they grow and change. You can even stay in the same place and experience different seasons of the soul. Sad, happy, angry, excited…blah blah blah you get the point. For not answering a question I seem to have tried to answer some type of question…not sure what that was though. Hope #8 helped.

9.) May 31, 2015 is my last weekend at Quest

At this point I feel like I’m rambling so I’ll be done. Come find me, or email me. There should be a link on this page somewhere where you can email me, or click on the facebook link above and friend me or send me a message. The worst that could happen is I don’t accept your invitation, and hey no offence ;)


I love you Quest Community Church. Please keep your eyes on your Groom, the only one who is capable of meeting your every need. Dive into the scriptures because they will breathe life into your tired body. Ask big of your Heavenly Father and learn what it is at the same time to “fear” him, with a Godly fear. Because if we have learned anything from this last insane season…He is sovereign. And finally Worship your faces off because He is worth it. I’m sure there was something else I was supposed to say…squirrel!!!


PS. I will continue to write wherever I end up. Hope to see you here.