My Life as a Red Herring (Day 17) “Flo-town”

I am now a citizen of the great state of South Carolina and live in a small eclectic town called Florence, about an hour from the beach (yep, I KNOW awesome). I found my new Buck-land and it’s a cool little coffee shop called Lula’s. The majority of the proceeds from this place go to pulling women out of the sex trafficking industry so I love getting to support this place.

I get to run sound this Sunday on a sound system that will make you poop your pants…it’s that good. Not only that but I get to mix on it every week. I know that may sound silly to some of you but imagine Jesus designed you to worship in a specific way (like singing or serving or running or hosting people in your home…you get the point) and you get to do it all the time…AS YOUR JOB!!! I get to get paid to worship…wait that sounds bad…I get paid and I get to worship doing what I get paid to do…there that’s better…maybe.

I miss my Lexingtonians and I wouldn’t trade where the Heavenly Father has brought me for all the gold in Fort Knox. I really really really miss my family, but they are on their way soon.

SO how did Jesus design you to worship? Most of us have multiple ways we can and do worship. Worship is a pretty amazing thing, it brings together people from the most diverse backgrounds, creeds, beliefs, sometimes even different religions. What I love about worship is that the moment you start to worship Jesus you start to see a glimpse of what eternal impact it has. Worshipping at the feet of a basketball or some other sports team brings people together but only temporarily. The game ends and you remember your prejudice or stereo-types and you go home with it. What if you/me chose to worship Jesus around others? I don’t mean being a relationally awkward dude who screams your favorite song in someones face hoping to create community, but what if your life was clearly about worshipping Jesus? I believe wholeheartedly that worshipping Jesus brings people together for eternity. Breaks down barriers like race, unforgiveness, fear, stereotypes, lies…you name it, if the enemy makes a barrier I believe worship (in its many forms) throws a billion pound wrecking ball right at it. I LOVE this about Jesus…now I just have to remember it throughout the day.

I can’t wait to write about this new season more.

Sorry if this post was a little to SQUIRREL for you. I’ll try to be more cohesive next time. Until then…squirrel!