My Life as a Red Herring (Day 19) “Infinite Delay”

This July I embarked on an epic adventure with five other close friends. In the middle of July I boarded a plane, and then another plane, and then another plane, and I think one more plane…and set off for the big skies of Montana. Our destination? Glacier National Park. Our plan was to backpack for four days and three nights in the backcountry of GNP (Glacier National Park not the other GNP) and then head straight to the river and raft for another four days and three nights. That is what we did, however what I encountered on our epic adventure wasn’t anything I could have planned for. I’m tempted to put a link in this blog to all the pictures I took, which I might do at the end but for now I’ll try to describe what I experienced.

In earlier blog posts I’ve talked about how I long for real mountains…well damn did Jesus answer my prayer! I’ve never seen natural beauty like this place. White peaked mountains, snowfields in the middle of July, beautiful flowers, icy glaciers, peaks, canyons, crystal clear (freezing cold!) lakes and streams, so much to point me to a Heavenly Father whose heart it is to woo me with such things. The entire adventure I felt my Heavenly Dad grabbing my attention. It’s hard to describe but I really felt like with all the breathtaking beauty around me His attention was on me, me and not the beauty around me! I felt like He was doing everything in His power to whisper His love and desire for intimacy with me, through the land around me. The mountains and streams weren’t the point, He was (and is). Even the relationship I built with the men I spent time with on the trip pointed me back to how God wants to spend time with me, joke around with me, yes even play pranks on me. He knows how to love. His knowledge into our heart and soul is perfect and entire. There is nothing unknown to Him about you and I. He knows how to speak when we need spoken to. He knows how to evoke emotion when we are tired and stale from emotional shutdown. He knows when to silently invest without words in our pain and sorrow. God is He good!

Periodically I need the epic adventure, I believe that to the core of my being. I don’t think I will ever get an adventure quite like my trip to Glacier, but maybe again someday. However our Father doesn’t need mountains to show us our worth to Him. The cross was enough, the final lasting echo into eternity screaming our worth to a world trying to tell us otherwise. It’s still echoing. As a soundguy I would call it an infinite delay. The cross was so powerful and pure that there is no decay…meaning it will always be relevant. It doesn’t fall to the laws of entropy. It will always speak to our value. We were, and are, worth the death and resurrection of the most amazing person to have ever walked the earth.

That, I’m pretty sure makes mountains blush red with envy


Glacier Adventure Photos