My Life as a Red Herring (Day 2) “Youtube’ry”

If you want to give a person with ADHD an addiction hand him/her a computer. The internet is literally cyber-crack to those of us constantly looking for the distraction. I can read about, learn about, laugh about, cry about, get an opinion about, anything. It’s all at the the speed of my slow typing fingers. A year ago I discovered that on my AppleTV I could start subscribing to YouTube channels and then start watching them as if they were prerecorded shows just for me. One of the shows I watch almost religiously is the motortrend channel. I love it. I love learning about cars, trucks, whatever gas guzzling transport it might be, I love to learn about it. When I first subscribed they had at least 3 new episodes every week. A year later we’re lucky if they put out 2 a month. WHERE IS MY ENTERTAINMENT?! How dare they take away my lazy learn machine! I still check it 3 times a week, but because my ADHD has no satiation I’ve subscribed to a lot more channels as well. 

Part of reason I’m now writing is I’ve begun asking the question: What else am I treating in life like I do this Youtube’ry? Nope it’s not a word, but I’m coining this particular addiction to information/entertainment (infotainment is a word right? Didn’t fox or Discovery invent it?) in my life and Youtube’ry sounds like something a sinister Brit might use…that’s funny (at least to me). So anyway, Youtube’ry: finding some bit of information or entertainment spending a small amount of time with it, and quickly trying to find something else to fill it’s place when it no longer infotains. For example, right before my wife had my first son I somehow decided to “get into shape.” Don’t ask me why, it was just the new thing for me to do. I did, and I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in when my son was born…and then I…wasn’t. There is somewhere an imaginary landfill FULL of things started but never fully finished because of this Youtube’ry in my life. 

I don’t think that’s the end though. I can remember about this time last year hearing Jesus tell me to fight for change. Specifically I had begun to give up hope that I could be the Leader, Friend, Son, Husband, that He had made me to be, like somehow I had done enough Youtube’ry to negate His grace and love. I watched as I surrendered my disappointments and preconceived notions of who I thought I should be and He changed me. I no longer struggle to hope for anything, I may have to work at it and keep working at it but that has become part of the fun of learning to fight the Youtube’ry in my life. My relationship with Jesus requires work and I’ll never reach a point it which I’m waiting for a “New Episode” to show up. He’s there with something new every morning (that one verse that says that in the bible). I wonder if this tea I got from firehouse is actually from tea leaves?

This is what I’m currently Subscribed to on youtube (it will probably change tomorrow)

hishe (how it should have ended)