My Life as a Red Herring (Day 23) “To Sooth the Savage Breast”

In college, on a date one night, I had the gift to take my wife to the orchestra at the Fox theater in St. Louis. We were going to see “Rapsody in Blue” by Gershwin. I can’t quite explain how excited I was to share this with Katie, however every time I tried to explain to her my excitement, I just couldn’t put it into words. That night, in the middle of one of the movements I began crying. I wasn’t entirely sure why, I just remember feeling that it was so beautiful. No words; just emotions. I love that music can do this.

I have a confession that may out me as a crazy person, but when I listen to classical music, especially cinematic in theme I formulate movies or moments in my head that match them. I don’t necessarily mean the exact scenes from the movies they might come from, but my own version. It’s similar to the difference between reading a good book and watching that book come to life on screen. In my head that book exists without limits and as epicly sad or wonderful as is possible within my imagination.

To give you an example, right now I am listening to Tony Anderson’s new album “Low Tide” while simultaneously climbing treacherous mountains and fording a swift river. In my head there are downpours of cold rain and I keep going, there are sunrises that warm my soul and long kisses with my wife, just she and I alone in the wilderness.

I am in awe of this thing the Heavenly Father has placed in me. I’m more in awe that He would design something so beautiful in music that it would compel us to create, shape, and imagine this world we live.

I think this is the reason I couldn’t quite explain to Katie that night why I was so excited. I needed/wanted her to experience it. She experienced it differently than me, but still she got to experience the power of music and it’s potential to “sooth the savage breast”…that’s not a typo in case you were wondering…it’s the actual quote from the play it first showed up in.


Just something I was thinking about…


Here is a link to Tony Anderson’s new album…I would suggest buying it, but if you can’t front the $50 you can stream it off the website here.