My Life As a Red Herring (Day 25): “Good Things”

It’s been an age since I last wrote. So much has happened, so I won’t attempt to catch you up entirely. However I will say this, last year I attempted to read 52 books in the year and accomplished reading 53, which it turns out can take a lot of time.

I am so eager to share this last crazy journey I’ve been on. Some time ago I wrote about being part of a amazing group of men, going through the book Fathered by God by John Eldredge. So much about this book changed my life, namely the Truth that God the Father is eager to give good gifts to His children. In the book, Eldredge talks to a man about a kayak. The man feels guilty for wanting a kayak for a couple of reasons. The kayak to him represents pleasure and fun and in his case a real monetary investment. When the world is so broken, and so many are in need, how could he desire something so frivolous? Eldredge ends up helping him get to the root of his actual problems, like all good counselors do. The problem being that due to the man’s warped view of fatherhood, he didn’t believe the Heavenly Father could ever want to give a gift like a kayak.


Why would the Father give good gifts and why would I deserve them?


That day I realized I too didn’t believe the Heavenly Father gave good gifts. So I began praying that Jesus would heal this lie and wound in me. He immediately replied with “What would you want to ask me for?” It took Him repeating what felt like over and over for me to finally reply…A CAR! He then asked “What car would you ask me for?” I remember replying with what I felt was a practical choice, because again, why would the Father give a purely good gift, something that I might be excited for? So I replied a Volvo V70r station wagon. I remember Him laughing and replying… “Really?” I paused a little surprised and He asked again “What car would you ask me for, really?” Slightly annoyed, and a little hopeless I replied, a Subaru WRX Sti. We finished our conversation that day with Him inviting me into praying and asking Him, every day, for that exact car. That was over 7 years ago. I’ve missed plenty of days, but you know what I’ve learned the most in all of the time spent praying for a silly car?


  1. He is GOOD, and the Giver of the gift far exceeds any gift He could ever give.
  2. The Father will always meet your needs, and then because He is good, He adds blessing and gift on top of that, again because He is good.


The gifts He gives may not be physical or monetary in nature but He always gives far more than we need or deserve.


So, did you see the cover picture? That’s my car!!! I have a 2016 Subaru WRX Sti!!! It’s just a silly car, but you know what? When I get in that car, think about that car, smell that car, hear that car…I remember that my Father is good! One day the car will break down, fall apart, and rust, and yet the Truth will stand: My Heavenly Father is good, all the time. In reality it has been over 7 years of asking for this crazy car and yet, the journey of learning how good my Father is has been worth every second and sometimes it’s felt like a second by second journey.


What would you ask the Heavenly Father for, even if you don’t yet believe He gives good gifts? I don’t, and especially the bible doesn’t guarantee that you will get the thing you ask for but I do promise you one thing in the asking, the more you ask for His heart and His desires you will learn that He is good, very good. He is better than any gift you could ever get and whether or whenever you get any gift from Him, it will just seem like icing on the cake.