My Life as a Red Herring (Day 3) “Buck-land”

What is it about Starbucks that brings out such an interesting group of people. Soccer moms, Designers, real-estate agents, jobless hipsters, job-with hipsters, artists, lots of skinny people with their non fat soy…whatevers. How is it that a coffee place started out West has brought so many people through it’s doors to purchase over-priced drinks? Most writers might proceed with explaining what they believe is the reason all these different people have come back, time and time again, to this weird little green and brown social mecca. As you can probably remember from Day 1 I am not much of a writer so my answer…I have no idea. It’s just something my distracted red-herring of a mind noticed. Outside of the large poster of Oprah, who is apparently getting tickled during the photo shoot, I don’t see a lot of ethnicities represented. I can’t picture my Grand-dad, who was a real life cowboy, actually feeling comfortable coming here. He listened to Hank Williams because in his mind that was some of the best music written. If, by chance, you hear Hank Williams at a Starbucks it’s because it’s quaint or retro. So why am I here? I usually come in, grab an iced coffee with a lot of sweetening (3 pumps of this, 2 pumps of that…sweet) and sit down with my computer. I then pull out my headphones, select a playlist called “Epic Soundtracks” on Spotify and shut out the world. I have no idea why it works but it does. I am by no means an introvert but for some reason I have to curb my annoyance when someone wants to talk with me while I’m in “buck-land”. I have such great time with Jesus while I’m here. I write, I spend a lot of time thinking about Fathered by God type stuff. So far I’ve read a couple of books since I started doing this on a regular basis. The upside is that I can spend hours here in this land of buck…the downside…I can spend hours in this land of buck and I have an actual job and family. 

When was the last time you forced yourself to enter into a ritual with your Heavenly Father? I know that word ritual is such a turn-off but coming from a guy with pretty severe (at times) ADHD, I have to have consistency. If you’re married don’t you want to consistently take your wife out on dates? If you are dating doesn’t it make sense that in order to build the relationship you need to actually hang out with each-other? I know it sounds weird but I guess what I’m saying is (just switched to Hans Zimmer- Man of Steel soundtrack) these are kind of “dates” or if that’s too weird “hang-time” with me and the Father. I love taking my son on adventures. At this point he doesn’t care if we go somewhere where money is required so the park with all of it’s wooden-castle-glory is perfect. We go there all the time now that the weather is great. So why wouldn’t my Heavenly Father want to take me to buck-land? There are times like now that I’m struck with how loved I am by Him. I look around at the people in this place and I see so many lost faces. People trying really hard, people without hope, people trying to figure life out. I want everyone to have my Buck-land experience. I think maybe that’s the other reason I come here. It’s pretty easy to talk to people. Heck a girl just randomly asked my friend and I to watch her stuff while she went to the bathroom. Why? What would give her the trust to ask us to watch her stuff? I don’t want to read too much into, but it is just part of the reason I love buck-land. Maybe one day it will be some other place I go to meet with the Father. I wonder how many bags of coffee are in here?