My Life as a Red Herring (Day 4) “Not-planning”

I’m not sure if this marks everyone who is ADHD but I tend to be passionate about things. There are a few things that come with Passion. Emotion, Opinion, and typically with me Spontaneity. Let me try to explain…no better let me sum up (anyone catch that reference).

Emotion: In my family I am only the second most emotional being in our family (not including the baby in my wife’s belly because for now we don’t know.) My son, who is three, is arguably the most emotional of our family, next to him stands me and then my wife. Consistently my wife and I will go out to a movie and if there is any emotive moments in said movie I will more than likely ball my eyes out. The last time I took her to see what I thought was a chick flick “About Time” I was embarrassingly wrong. The movie was a lot about a Father and a son and I spend most of the time trying not to ugly cry my way through it. FREAKING GIRLY MOVIES! Now don’t get me wrong I wanted to take Katie to this movie for her enjoyment but inevitably I stuttered and slobbered my way through it. This happens on a consistent basis, movies, commercials, signs…well maybe not signs but you get the point. I can also get super excited about things. Ask my wife but I am a really good gift receiver. I love gifts, but for some reason I’m always amazed that people would want to buy me something that they spent time picking out! In the past this also meant I would get very angry at dumb things but, thankfully Jesus has lessened so much of my angry outbursts through a lot of grace and counseling. (no kidding counseling for realz)
Opinion: I tend to have strong opinions about things. This is ok, but more often than not this gets me into trouble. Stupid things like how people should drive, they should stay in line and not cut, no one should ever chew with their mouths open, stupid things. There are a million more but thankfully I don’t remember half of them and so many of them I no longer have because I’ve decided they are just stupid. When I like a movie it’s hard for me to barely like it, I tend to Love it or wish-I-would-have-walked-out-of-it. When I first saw Noah I hated it, then I saw it again and saw things I liked about it…but still tell people I hated it…see what I mean?!
Spontaneity: I love “not-planning” things. Don’t you ever have a day when you want to “not-plan” a bunch of things? Like where to eat, what time to leave your house, what friend could you hang out with, go to a baseball game, see a movie and maybe show up to it a little late, invite friends over to grill out…those things. I love spontaneity! I can also imagine if you’re type “A” you might rather plan at least plan for those moments, to which I’d say…I guess if you have to, but if you don’t have to, ask a friend of yours or your husband or wife to pull you into a moment of spontaneity. It may be fun or it may leave you in a corner at the end of the day talking like rain-man. Someone might at least enjoy that…no?…too far? SPONTANEITY!
I currently LOVE writing this blog. I may hate it some day…at which point I will need Jesus to help me not think of a thousand excuses for not doing it, until then…squirrel!