My Life as a Red Herring (Day 5) “Nerd’ery”

I’m fairly sure that I’m a nerd. I love Star Trek TNG (The Next Generation) or Voyager, or Deep Space Nine. I love Star Gate, and Firefly and Serenity. I’m pretty sure I would love Battle Star Galactica if I watched it. I love almost every Marvel or DC Movie/Comic ever made. I love Lord of the Rings (so much so that I’ve read Similarion multiple times). I love technology, gadgets, and almost anything with a button, in fact, a surefire way to get me to ignore you as you take me on a ride in your fancy new car is for that car to have lots of buttons. 

However my nerd’ery doesn’t extend to Dr Who. Not because I hate the show or anything but because I just can’t get into it. It’s like the yogurt of my life. I know it would be good for my nerdy mind to partake in the Doctors shows, it’s just that no matter how many times I try it (whatever the flavor…i.e. old episodes, mid episodes, new episodes) I just can’t seem to find one that I like, so I don’t eat yogurt.  

Something about my mind, or for that matter, many of our minds, wants to categorize things, put them in ways in which we can understand them. Much like we do with people: Those are nerds, jocks, generation-whatevers, introverts, extroverts, hillbillies, rednecks, bogans (for my Aussie friends), bla-bla-bla…you get it. I’m not sure this is an inherently bad thing, I’ve just noticed that I have to be aware of when I’m doing it. No one likes to be limited because of a misunderstanding. Ultimately I’ve noticed that Jesus prompts me when I’m doing it to others and also when I’m doing it to myself. At my core I’m almost entirely an extrovert, however over the last few years Jesus has shown me how many introverted tendencies I have. I dismissed them at first because I didn’t want to be a introvert I wanted to be cool like all the extroverts I knew. Jesus helped me to understand that being the all-powerful God that He is, He can change, setup, determine me to be whomever He wants me to be. In short… I am who He says I am.

Who do you think you are? (Please read that again as Harrison Ford…’cause that’s funny), meaning what limits have you put on your personality because for as long as you can remember you’ve just always “been” that way? What if Jesus wanted to change it; would you let him? You may be exactly as Jesus designed you to be, or you may not. All this to say that whether you are a nerd who doesn’t entirely fit the nerd mold, or an introvert who actually loves being around people in limited quantities, Jesus may have more to unveil about your personality than you ever thought possible, after all you might actually LOVE Dr. Who, and Jesus NEEDS to open your mind to the beauty/wonder/nigh-perfection that is Star-Trek.