My Life as a Red Herring (Day 6) “Holoyalty”

   I was recently invited to be part of a friends wedding. First off…it was probably the best wedding I have ever been to other than my own. I can’t stand weddings usually, I know that probably makes me a wedding nazi or something, but they can be such awkward occasions. People dress in clothes they never wear, pretend they remember each other, behave where they would rather rebel. 

So anyway, this amazing wedding I was in, was so much fun. There was great music, it wasn’t that long, I got to sing some great songs to the couple, and the programs that they handed out were actually fun and a bit entertaining. The Bride and Groom added in their thank-you’s inside the program, and each person standing with them got an encouraging word. I was so grateful for the words the Groom wrote to me and if I had to boil his encouragement down to one word, it would have to be the “Loyal”.

Loyalty brings to my mind so many thoughts. A soldier is loyal to the cause, a friend is loyal to his/her friend, a spouse is loyal to his/her significant other, people are loyal to their political parties, some are loyal to their religion, their work, their family, the state they live in, the coffee shop that they go to. You might say that today I am not being loyal to “buckland” (starbucks) and trying out a new place called “Cup of Common Wealth”. I really like this place, I can see myself being quickly loyal to this place as a customer. It’s friendly, inviting, they actually wanted to know my name. You can purchase a coffee for someone else either by name or you can designate that in order for them to use the coffee you have purchased for them, they must complete a task such as sing a song or do a dance etc. It’s just a coffee shop, but this is the type of place worth coming back to. 
I am not smart enough to attempt to explain what loyalty actually means, but I can tell you what my experience has taught me. I believe loyalty is a great virtue, at the same time I think loyalty can be a dangerous thing. Most people do things because it makes them feel comfortable and they tend to make a habit of doing those things over and over. I love change, I tend to embrace it with lots of joy. I have however noticed that there are things in my life that I can be “loyal” to that I’m pretty sure Jesus is eager to move me past. In the past there have been destructive relationships that I have chosen to stay in that were…destructive. Recently Jesus has helped free me from an addiction that has enslaved me for 30 years. I know it sounds weird to say that you could be loyal to an addiction, but how else would you describe something that you go to every day for years and years for comfort or escape? 
What patterns in your life might you be loyal to that you could embrace freedom and just walk away from today? What things in your life have you been dying to choose to be loyal to but just haven’t even made the attempt? Try it for a month, take it one day at a time and see what Jesus might do. I would like to call this being “Holoyal”. (I love inventing cheesy words!) Holy-loyality, which doesn’t mean anything crazy religious like it might sound, but just choosing to be loyal where Jesus is asking you to be and choosing to be disloyal where it will bring you freedom.
I will continue to try to pick “Holoyalty” when it comes to writing this blog even though I know I will have times where I don’t really have the desire to.
 I would love to know what you, the people reading this, think. Finish this sentence: “My step of Holoyalty is to…” or “I wish I could embrace/learn Holoyalty in fill in the blank in my life. However you want to say it just put it in the comments.
The music here is great.