My Life as a Red Herring (Day 8) “Music”

I am full of opinions…I’ve mentioned it before, just pick a subject and I’m sure I have formed some opinion about it over time. Probably not my best attribute.

However my favorite new thing that the Father has been doing in me is to surprise me. Surprises have a way of changing, or at least reshaping my opinions. One of the ways He constantly surprises me is through music. Music has so many amazing qualities. It’s loud/soft/slow/fast/angry/sad/happy/melancholy/aggressive/sleepy the list can keep going. I think the thing that constantly surprises me and changes/reshapes my opinions about music is that it’s emotive. The type of music you listen to can somehow change or enhance your mood. I believe that all music does this (opinion).

I use to refuse to listen to some forms of music, and then SURPRISE I would hear a song under whatever form I refused to listen to and BAM! I had to reconsider my opinion.

I hate country music — BAM! I love Rascal Flatts, I love Hank Williams, I love Keith Urban, I love almost any form of Bluegrass music — opinion changed

I hate rap — BAM! I love Lupe Fiasco, I love plenty of Jay-Z, I love Lecrae, I love Eminem — opinion changed

I dislike death metal ——– I’m still waiting on this surprise

I dislike hardcore — I LOVE the band behind the screaming vocals in most hardcore bands I’ve ever heard

I have no idea how someone can function in life without the desire to listen to music. (Opinion alert!)  I would venture to say they might have some emotional problems/brokenness in their lives. My non-doctoral would be to give to these people two musics in the morning and two at night.

I’m currently listening to Ben Rector. 

I like turtles…not the band, the video